Top 9 African Photography Blogs To Follow In 2017

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Africa photography helps to showcase the natural wonders of the African continent to the rest of the world, which has been overlooked by photographers from other parts of the world for a long time.

Here below are the Top 10 African Photography Blogs:

Top 9 African Photography Blogs To Follow In 2017Twitter

1. Edward Selfe Photography

This African photography blog is owned by Edward Selfie, a guide who lives and works in Zambia’s South Luangwa National park.

Edward opted to live inside the park, which means he is there through the seasons, making it possible for him watch the park through its annual cycles. He is also as photographer and is well placed to read animal behavior and take the best photographs of animals from a vantage point.

His portfolio includes wildlife photography, sports, weddings, as well as portraits.


Jumoke Sanwo is the owner of this blog. She is Nigerian and a member of the Invisible Boarders Trans-Africa Photography group.

She mostly focuses on social issues that surround the African continent.

Her photography blog tries to portray the continent in a more positive light. She specifically focuses on the African identity in all its aesthetics as well as diversity.

3. Cooper Nature Photos

This blog is owned by Neal Coopers, who has a passion for the wild and wildlife photography. This passion is the motivation behind his involvement in leading groups of photographers to some of the most amazing places in the world.

The main aim of his blog is to help photographers gain more knowledge of nature, improve their skills in photography and editing. He has won accolades for his work in photography.

4. Wim Van Den Heever

This blog belongs to Wim van den Heever, a S. African photographer.

He comes from a family with a rich history in photography, but he now specializes in wildlife photography. ‘The final leap’ is one of his most popular images and was featured in the 2015 Wildlife Photography of the Year Awards.

5. Mario Macilau

This blog belongs to Mario Macilau of Mozambique. Mario uses still images as a way of helping change people’s perception about the world we live in. His photography work mainly focuses on the living and working conditions of isolated communities and aims to change their situation through his work.

He is essentially a social documentary photographer.

6. Grant Atkinson

Grant Atkinson is the owner of this blog and is based in Cape Town. He is a full-time guide as well as photo trip leader. He co-leads photo safaris with his wife.

In addition, he is a nature enthusiast and wildlife photographer, with deep knowledge, love, and appreciation for wild animals.

He specializes mostly on pictures of marine mammals, birds of prey Africa wild dogs, big cats, and elephants.

7. Graham Springer

Graham Springer is the owner of this blog.

He is based in the Okavango Delta in Northern Botswana. His photographic work revolves around Africa wilderness.

He tries to capture on film how he is inspired by the majesty and spirit of the wilderness and creatures of Africa. He has worked for the BBC and National Geographic, among others.

8. Andy Biggs

This blog is owned by Andy Biggs, an outdoor photographer who specializes in celebrating the people and culture, rich wildlife, and landscape of Africa.

He is involved in offering a range of Africa photographic safaris as well as photography workshops.

His photography work takes him to the Serengeti, Okavango delta, and other places that are rich in wildlife. He has won several awards for his work in wildlife photography.

9. These Streets

This blog belongs to Barry Christianson, a South African photographer who is part of ‘Everyday Africa’ network.

This network is a social media platform that specializes in showing images of daily life on the African continent.

He shows authentic images that resonate well with the people of Cape Town as opposed to foreigners.


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